Stars Who Have Absolutely No Problem Doing Nude Scenes

We all wear clothes for many reasons. One of them is to hide our nudity because some of us are just prudes. It’s of course okay to be a prude, but what if your job involves taking off your clothes and being vulnerable for a living?

If you are a star actor in Hollywood you very likely will have to do scenes that will require you to bare it all in front of the camera. As actors move up in the entertainment world, many of them opt out of doing nude scenes altogether. However, there are stars in Hollywood who are totally at ease and have absolutely no problem doing nude scenes in front of the camera.

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Charlize Theron doesn’t think about it | 0:00
Emilia Clarke flip-flopped | 1:17
Michael Fassbender had trust | 2:35
Anne Hathaway found it easy | 3:40
Lena Dunham shows bodies are beautiful | 4:36
Chris Pine believes in fairness | 5:29
Angelina Jolie celebrates her scars | 6:30
Halle Berry proved she could | 7:19
Ben Affleck always wanted to | 8:17
Kate Winslet empowers other women | 9:02
Nicole Kidman shuts out insecurities | 9:49
Ken Jeong made people laugh | 10:51

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