❌ TOP 5 Sex Scenes ❌ from Game of Thrones

Today I want to tell you about the best sex scenes in the series game of thrones.

The audience was only at first in shock From the relationship of Jaime and Cersei. By season 7, everyone was used to their love. But still, the first sex scene of their passion at the beginning of the cult Saga could shock and leave a lasting impression. Then the couple was caught by little bran stark, who liked to climb high walls. And for fear of being discovered, Jaime coolly threw the boy down.

The next sex scene simply shocks people with the strongest nerves. Everyone is used to their relationship. We were already used to their relationship and thought that it was difficult to surprise us. But this was not the case. However, this is ” Game of thrones”, there is nothing to be surprised at. However, fans consider this sex scene one of the most powerful and shows the true passion of Jaime and Cersei. What do you think?

Sex scene in a cave with a wildling is a very passionate scene, accompanied by a favorite phrase of a red-haired beauty: “You don’t know anything, Jon snow.” Ygritte often taunted and laughed at John for not knowing anything about women. Tired of all this, snow breaks his vow to the Night’s Watch and makes love to Ygritte in a cave. It doesn’t matter what happens next. Everyone knows it was worth it.
This sex scenes is far from pleasant, but we could not help including it in the selection. Ramsey is one of the nastiest and most violent characters in the entire series. And all the spectators wished for the most painful death for him. I’m talking about Ramsey and Sansa stark’s wedding night. This sex scene was terrible.
After the wedding, Ramsey decided to show the arrogant girl who was the boss, and chose a humiliating way to do it. He took his wife by force, and invited Theon Greyjoy to see it, for which it was not a pleasant sight. The brutal scene made even those who are used to everything that happens in “Game of thrones”shudder.

One of the most discussed bed sex scenes among critics and fans was the scene of love between the commander of the Immaculate and the maid Missandei. It was called the best bed scene for the entire existence of “Game of thrones”.
Everyone had one question: how the Gray Worm was able to satisfy his beloved, because fans of the series know that the Faultless in childhood are castrated so that they are completely free from fears. Anyway, the unknown has become a great occasion for discussion and flight of fantasies among fans.

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